I’ve been floundering around trying to figure out what the dickens I’m doing with a Blog. And I’ve realized that I need this space to try and communicate more about the writing processes I go through, how well they work, and seek comments and advice from readers.

So be forewarned. My Blog’s name is likely going to change to A Novel Approach or something like that. I’ll always be Rainbow, and I’ll always tell the Rainbow Truth, but I think this blog needs to be more about my work as an author, and less about my political beliefs.

I’ve started my new novel, and am very excited to see how it develops. The working title right now is: Ghost of a Marriage

No – it’s not in the Romance genre. It’s my first attempt at Paranormal. I’m excited to try out a new genre, and I’m sure I’ll be learning as I go along. I plan to use the elements of fantasy, humor, and erotica to whip up a juicy bit of eye candy. I hope you’ll follow along with me as I wrestle this baby onto paper.

The first chapter fairly wrote itself, and the outline is intriguing. So I’m off to see what Chapter Two offers me today.

One thought on “A NOVEL APPROACH”

  1. How do I purchase A Man's Man? I see that it's not on Amazon – but have read your short summary and would like to use the book. Please let me know how I can get A Man's Man…


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