Five Day Give-Away!

Free October 13-17

My novel, The Boxer Rebellion*, is available as a free download on Amazon from October 13th through October 17th. 

From some of the recent reviews:

“Kudos to the author for having the gumption to tell this story. This subject is like a bad accident, you know what you see is going to be frightening, hard to take and perhaps life changing but you have to look anyhow. Once I picked it up I couldn’t put it down. I literally read last night until the kindle said battery was low to charge and saw it was 3:30 am.” – Kathy Brockman for MM Good Book Review

“The characters themselves are quite fabulous, every single one of them unique, every single one of them a masterpiece. The plot, while it had many twists and turns and a new horror waiting in every corner was well-balanced. I didn’t feel for one moment that it was too much. Well yeah, the emotions cause were too overwhelming and I needed “healing” breaks from time to time, but the plot did not make me feel uncomfortable with incredulity, or too much drama. The balance was literally perfect.” – Thomaidha Papa on

If you haven’t read it, here’s your chance to grab it for free – and if you have read it, this is a great opportunity to ‘gift’ it to your friends, your local library, school board members, teachers, and of course, your family.
* People who have experienced teenage bullying first hand report being       triggered by this book.
Although The Boxer Rebellion is about teenagers, the subject matter is frankly mature and the language used by the bullies utilizes crude colloquialisms.

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