Sex Sells And So Does Sexism

Have you seen these vintage ads floating around? Do you find them shocking?


These ads were indicative of American society as a whole – and they were all post WWII – trying to put Rosie the Riveter back in her domesticated place. What bothers me most is that so many young women of the 21st century are buying this idea that they should be small, frail, domesticated home makers rather than taking their places in the wider world. With our male dominated society refusing to see women as anything other than a saint, or a whore, it’s up to the women to insist on being recognized as much, much more than that.

Sadly, sexist advertising has existed since long before WWII. Putting women in their place, and letting us know that we should either work harder for our man, look harder for a man, or be ashamed for being dangerous to men, were everywhere.


This recent nonsense about men/boys being discriminated against and needing a special boost up in the world is maddening. Yes, boy should be treated well so they can grow up to be the best they can be. How lucky for them that almost all discretionary funds and teacher time and attention is spent on them from 7th grade up. Idiots like Sherry and Jenny keep perpetuating this stupid idea that boys are receiving less attention than girls. Any time we focus on girls or women, we’re reminded forcefully to refocus our attention on men, as we should.

When you see a sexist ad, contact the company and complain loudly. Let’s stop this parade of self-defeatist campaigns aimed at women. If you want to help someone reach their full potential, spend time on the girls.

Ban the word bossy from your vocabulary, and refuse to let it be used on your daughters. Encourage them to participate in math, sports, science, and everything else in which they show an interest. Take them places and show them the world, let them do things, introduce them to powerful women and constantly remind them that they CAN DO IT. Time for Rosie to get back to riveting, and building, and creating more than coffee for breakfast.

What do you think?

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