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A Children’s Crusade?

I have an opinion as to why Trumpopo is insisting public schools open during the first wave of a pandemic plague:

He made Betsy DeVos secretary of education for only one reason – to privatize our free public education, ensuring superior access to privilege by the wealthy. I’m not saying he or any human being had anything to do with this vicious virus, but I am saying he’s profiting by it as much as possible.

By insisting we send our young to the raging front lines of our war on Covid-19, Trumpopo plans to provoke outraged, terrified, and exhausted Mama & Papa Bears. Scared, protective parents can (and will) demand alternatives, such as distance learning, smaller classes, shorter hours and diverse settings. Public schools are months, if not years (if not decades) away from providing safe education well and effectively.

But, for a hefty price, imperfect but much safer options are immediately available from private educational providers. In a twist of coincidence, many of these part real life/part online institutions are heavily invested in by members of the DeVos family and friends.

Trumpopo may have resigned himself to losing the election. He seems to be quite publicly paying off debts (Roger Stone sentence commuted) and trying to shift policy in accordance with his nearest and dearest kiss-popos and their pet projects, like defunding the USPS in favor of privatized delivery services and hackable email (which furthers his party’s march to squelch mail-in ballots).

He’s a privateer above all else, setting up/settling up business deals while he’s still got the ‘absolute power’ to act above the law. I find myself more willing than ever to believe the worst of him.


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Some business owners are bitching out their governor for economic losses, insinuating a deliberate assault on free enterprise. A few loud hair stylists shower their customers with germs, standing over them as they complain to any and all who sit in the same seat about how scientists use statistics and numbers to scare folks into staying away. Churches, pretty clearly stung at being categorized as non-essential, urge parishioners to gather in violation of state guidelines.

While they make for easy targets, your governor and scientists have not DONE this to you. It’s the very real and reasonable fear of Covid-19 that caused people to stay home, businesses to close, and social gatherings to end in a moment. A brutal, painful illness proven to be highly contagious and very deadly, is sweeping America. Science is the only way to fight our common enemy, a novel, unknown, corona virus. Rational thought, calm reason, and measured, practical steps are the only things that will contain and combat nature’s attack on humanity. And science demands self-sacrifice to fight our common enemy.

Magical thinking doesn’t make sitting, standing, talking, and singing together for a period of time in a small room, safe. Sharing hymnals and bibles, passing collection plates, and (Lord have mercy) partaking of communion is pretty much the perfect storm for contagion. Pining for the freedoms we took for granted is not going to suddenly assuage the realistic fear of bringing death to a loved one with a hug, or contracting same from casual uncaring strangers. And, unfortunately, wishing everything would go back to what it was B.C. (Before Covid-19) will not happen. It is what it is, we are where we are, and there’s no going back.

A disease is our shared encroaching enemy, attacking, weakening, and killing our citizens. If nearly 100,000 people died during the last three months in an active war zone on the home front it would be the only thing on everyone’s mind. We’d be coalesced into a citizen militia, marching in lockstep under the orders of those skilled in the art of this type of warfare. Why isn’t the growing daily death count disturbing EVERYONE?

Governors and scientists are trying to save the lives of as many American citizens as possible, not waging war against them. Saying a governor is ‘doing’ this to the economy and revolting against sensible science driven restrictions seems to me just as mad as accusing principals of elementary schools where students are taught to shelter in place during active shooter drills of tossing hand grenades into classrooms and then encouraging the kids to bring guns to school.

We’re tottering on the brink of utter madness, civil war, or both. It won’t take much to push us over.