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Romance as Genta Sebastian

Published by Sapphire Books Publishing


When Butches Cry – novel: Reveling in her contrariness, Traf’s got no time for ‘good’ women who conform. She competes with men, wears male clothing, and steals their jobs. A fighter, damn the consequences, she’s totally unsuited to the mundane role of a mid-twentieth century Azorean woman. Traf dreams of going to America where women do as they like, make their own money, and live without the permission of men.

Emotionally damaged by past relationships, Ana is convinced she’s hopelessly inadequate. She joins an unprecedented type of private club, a group of women loving women calling themselves Troublemakers. The golden-haired beauty could have her pick of lovers, but her heart yearns for the mischievous butch with dark, brooding eyes. Fascinated by Traf since they were schoolgirls together, Ana knows her crush is hopeless; how could such a cocky, not to mention arousing, woman ever love her?

Gossip, sexism, priests, the US Air Force, and even their families, oppose them at every turn. Battling to exist in peace, Traf, Ana, and the other Troublemakers develop a unique subculture of support for each other, but no one is prepared When Butches Cry.

Sci-Fi / Fantasy as E.G. Scott

“A Very Martian Christmas” – novelette: On a single’s cruise to Jupiter, identical twin sisters each gets lucky. But when disaster strikes can lesbian Pat replace her straight sister, Pam’s, place at the all-important Christmas feast with a handsome Martian man? More importantly, can feminine Pam convince the Martian’s fascinating wife that she’s really her butch lesbian twin?


“Lost”  Short story: Emerging from a raging blizzard, an unusual child appears on Lilith’s front porch. Immune to the cold, Pyry is lost, alone, and very frightened. Can one woman on an isolated farm in Northern Minnesota protect this strange little girl from an approaching menace within the storm?

“Monsters Running Wild” and “Revenge Is Sweet” are drabbles, stories of exactly 100 words. They appear in Spooky Halloween Drabbles 2014.

M/G and Y/A LGBTQ Fiction – written as Genta Sebastian

Published by Shadoe Publishing

Riding the Rainbow
Plump, clumsy Lily is miserable in fifth grade where bullies torment her. Across the room Clara sits still as a statue, keeping her family’s secret. One girl with two out-loud-and-proud moms, another with two in-the-closet dads. What could go wrong, right?

A Man’s Man
“It’s like this, see. My dad’s a fag, his boyfriend’s a queer, and I think I might be gay. I mean, I think it’s catching or something.” When thirteen-year-old R.J. decides to turn his dad straight, unintended consequences mess everything up. To make things right he will have to figure out for himself what it means to be A Man’s Man.

The Boxer Shorts Rebellion
It’s bad enough when Nick is half-naked, cowering on a sidewalk while his green boxer shorts fly from the school flagpole, but things really get rough when his bully turns out to be a psychotic killer.

Lesbian Erotic Fiction – written as Aunt Fanny

Adult Content – These stories are for mature (18+) readers only. Sexual acts between women are clearly described. You have been warned.

Good Enough to Eat 3Good Enough to Eat
Three tasty tales of Lesbian erotica all centering around food. Savor the flavors of women venturing into the succulent world of tempting appetites where delectable picnics are prepared by creative lesbians and served up in the oddest places! Come, eat out with the girls. Includes: “Delicatess’n” – “Too Hot to Handle” – “My Orange Valentine”
GwbB1Girls Will Be Bois
In this volume of Aunt Fanny’s stories you’ll be treated to butch driven erotica, whether seducing sexy women, parading on stage as drag kings, or just-doing-my-job-ma’am, these bois really deliver. Includes: “M” – “Dragon’s Fly” – “Zooscapade”
ThanksFlippinGivingCover“Thanks Flippin’ Giving”
Short story: Randi doesn’t like coming home from college for Thanksgiving, that is until she lays eyes on Sydney, a guest at their traditional feast. In the closet at work, the handsome butch will need to be seduced and Randi is just the woman to do it.
Heart Well Traveled V.II“Pouncing”
Short story: Pat Talbot is in love with a sexy Martian woman, Tanaquil Marius. The only problem is that Tana can’t live in the sun and Pat can’t live in the Martian caves. They find time together by taking a weekend getaway on the L’amour Navire, but end up sampling the newest mind-altering substance in the galaxy
BEL-ConferenceCall_2“Damn That Butch Charming”
Short story: Myke writes under multiple pen names, most notably Butch Charming. When her sexy publisher insists they meet at a writing conference, Myke knows Stella will be disappointed to find out her favorite author is a butch. But maybe there’s a way Stella won’t find out…
“Zooscapade”  Short story: Originally appeared in Lambda Award winning Stolen Moments
A new entry in Bold Strokes’ Erotic Interludes collection, this anthology offers no-holds-barred erotica from some of today’s best lesbian authors. Love on the run, in the office, in the shadows… women stealing time from ordinary life to make passion a priority, if only for a moment. Fast, furious, and almost too hot to handle.
“Too Hot to Handle”  Short story: Originally appeared in Extreme Passions Forbidden Fruits: Over thirty tales of love and lust that know no bounds – or boundaries. Today’s hottest erotica writers explore just how far women will go to get the girl. Seduction, abduction, champagne and flowers, bondage … extreme moves that are sooo erotic, they’re too good to miss.
“Delicatess’n”  Short story: Originally appeared in Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2006
The best lesbian erotic writing of 2005. The latest in the best-of-the-best series of original lesbian erotica, Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2006 presents the hottest never-before-seen work from some of the best and sexiest writers in the business.
“Dragon’s Fly” Short story: Originally appeard in Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2007
Throughout her career, best-selling editor Nicole Foster has unfailingly offered the sexiest stories from the hottest writers with Alyson’s Ultimate Lesbian Erotica series. Now Foster has asked her (and our) favorites to take “ultimate” to the next level.
“My Orange Valentine”  Short story: Originally appeared in After Midnight
The uncensored words of real lesbians describing their hottest, wildest erotic adventures. This real-life erotica collection is like peeking into the secret diaries of some very frisky girls. In this collection, lesbians from across the country reveal their deepest, most intimate erotic secrets — things they wouldn’t dare tell anyone else.
“The Love Boat”

Short story: Originally appeared in Cleis Press’ Best Lesbian Romance
Best Lesbian Romance presents the juiciest, most seductive lesbian love stories. The erotic stories of Best Lesbian Romance put a new spin on lesbian love.

“Starry, Starry Night” Short story: Originally appeared in Wild Nights: Mostly True Stories About Women Who Love Women
Inside these pages you’ll find (mostly) true stories from some of your favorite authors—including Karin Kallmaker, Radclyffe, Victoria Brownworth, Rachel Kramer Bussel and many more—as well as thrilling true tales from vibrant and powerful new voices.

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