Jumping The Gun… I Mean Broom

Tomorrow, Monday May 12, 2013 will be a day that will be celebrated – if all goes as planned.

The Minnesota state senate will either vote to legalize same-sex marriage, or they will not, leaving the old ‘one man and one woman’ amendment alone. I, and many other Minnesotans expect our senators to keep their word and vote on the right side of history. Governor Mark Dayton has also promised he would sign any such legislation, clearing the way for legal weddings to start August 1st.

Well, plenty of Minnesota’s gay population have started already planning for weddings, and details are being discussed. If I had a wedding oriented business locally I’d be figuring out ways to expand marketing to LGBT folk. (hint hint)

On the subject of wedding cakes, clearly some changes will have to be made, but to what extent is the decision of the pastry chef. I’ll show you what I mean.

If The Law Says I Must bakeries will provide very little difference from the straight folks’ wedding cakes they’ve been making for years. Very traditional except for the cardboard or tacky plastic figures used as toppers.

Friends Of and Friendly bakeries will offer the colors of the rainbow in an homage to the LGBT  symbol. 

Making beautiful cakes for the most special of occasions. The celebration of 
two lives joining as one family.

Very pretty work, and so sweet, tangy and generic too. The braver among them will experiment with flavors and added details.

Enthusiastic And Very Supportive bakeries will get into the swing of things and use their skills to create works of art that are also symbolic. A delight for the eyes and the mouth.

Right There With You bakeries will go that extra mile to make sure you’ve got just the right cake topper. I love that pants are optional for lesbian toppers.

And the Totally Get It and Wishing You The Very Best bakeries will design cakes specifically for you and your spouse to be. Reminders of your special times or experiences.

So for those who are dreaming of their special day a few words of advice:


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