Let’s (p)Lay A Game

The idea is self explanatory: Book Titles With One Letter Missing
Book Titles With One Letter Missing
John DiGilio iBraryGuy
An Ale of Two Cities — It was the best of beers. It was the worst of beers. And they were ready to war over it. 
Madame Ovary — A novel about a doctor’s wife who flirts with the idea of becoming a surrogate mother.
Daniel Pink ‏@DanielPink
Liver Twist — A scruffy orphan invents a delicious deli sandwich. 

Brilliant, yes? And there are quite a few other entertaining suggestions as well. So I thought I’d wade into the conversation with a few groaners of my own.

Cannery Ow – a scathing reprimand of the canning industry’s lack of safety standards.

Wuthering Eights – Katherine and Heathcliff survive the hijinks of their six children.

Beak House – Chickens, and turkeys, and ducks. Oh my!

Hose of Sand and Fog – a bitter rivalry for ownership of a hosiery factory.

Back Beauty – A photo journal of tattoo artistry on the backs and hips of sensuous women.

and finally:

Harry Otter and the Goblet of Fir – Muskrat Harry sets out in search of the Goblet of Fir, a magic container some claim is a myth, others, a reality. (I know, technically I took away two letters in the title, but in my defense, one was actually a subtitle. Still, pretty funny, eh?)

And now it is your turn. Let me know if you join the conversation at #bookswithalettermissing. I’d love to hear your funnies.

What do you think?

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