My Very First Time

Everyone has a first time. The nervous anticipation, the gnawing fear, the worry that you won’t be up to standards, much less excel. Let’s face it folks, virginity can be a problem. Arggh! It’s enough to make you speak like a pirate! (Which would be another first time, but I digress…)

This week I set off on one of the grand adventures of my life. I recognize it for what it is, even before it’s begun. This will be something I will remember for a long time, and hopefully bring memories to cherish.

On Monday I set off on a cross country road trip with two other women, both also virgins. On Tuesday we will arrive in New Orleans, a big first for me right there, but no, that’s not the culmination of the grand adventure. Although it’s on my Bucket List, and therefore significant to me, The Big Easy is only the first leg of this fantastic journey.

I’m going to take you with me. We’ll barge the gates of the GCLS (Golden Crown Literary Society) Convention 2015. I will take pictures and share them here, first covering the country from Wisconsin to Louisiana, and then the convention itself. I will share some of my fabulous experiences, in and out of the Hilton hotel, through various panels, hopefully to a haunted reading, a masquerade karaoke party, and the grand finale: the Awards dinner where my Riding the Rainbow might just win a coveted Goldie.

So c’mon along on my magic carpet ride. I’ll take you, koo koo ka-choo, through the looking glass of a GCLS Con Virgin, and safely out the other side… maybe.

There is that haunted house in the French Quarter… buwahahahaha!

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